Will There Be a Season 7 COD MW?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been a massive success since its release, captivating players with its intense gameplay and stunning graphics. With the release of each new season, players eagerly anticipate fresh content, weapons, and maps to keep the game exciting. As Season 6 draws to a close, the burning question on everyone’s mind is: Will there be a Season 7 for COD MW?

The History of Call of Duty Seasons

Before we dive into the speculation surrounding Season 7, let’s take a brief look at the history of Call of Duty seasons. The concept of seasons was first introduced in Call of Duty Mobile and quickly gained popularity. This idea was then carried over to other titles in the franchise, including Modern Warfare.

Each season typically lasts around two months and brings a wealth of new content to the game. This includes new multiplayer maps, game modes, weapons, operator skins, and battle pass tiers for players to unlock. The introduction of seasons has been a game-changer for Call of Duty as it keeps the experience fresh and ensures players keep coming back for more.

Rumors and Speculations

As we approach the end of Season 6, rumors have started circulating about whether there will be a Season 7 for COD MW. While Activision has not made an official announcement yet, various leaks and insider information suggest that there is indeed something big planned for players.


  • A new map set in an urban environment
  • Additional weapons including fan-favorites from previous titles
  • New operators with unique abilities
  • An expanded Warzone map with more locations to explore
  • Special limited-time events


  • A continuation of the ongoing storyline with new missions and cutscenes
  • Revamped multiplayer modes with unique twists
  • Collaborations with other popular franchises for crossover events
  • Improved weapon balancing based on player feedback

What Can Players Expect?

While we cannot say for certain what Season 7 will bring, it is safe to assume that Activision has been closely listening to the community’s feedback and will aim to deliver an even better experience. The developers have shown their dedication to providing regular updates and improvements, so players can expect fresh content and exciting changes in the upcoming season.

If history is any indication, Season 7 will likely introduce a new battle pass with exclusive rewards, challenges, and cosmetic items. Additionally, players can look forward to new maps and game modes that will test their skills and keep them engaged for hours on end.


While we eagerly await an official announcement from Activision regarding Season 7 of COD MW, the rumors and speculations are enough to get any Call of Duty fan excited. With the potential for new maps, weapons, operators, and game modes, Season 7 promises to be another thrilling chapter in the Modern Warfare saga.

So gear up soldiers, prepare for battle, and get ready for what could be the most exhilarating season yet!

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