Will Fishing Line Keep Geese Away?

Fishing line is a common tool used by people to catch fish, but it can also be used to keep geese away. Geese may come into your yard and cause damage to your garden, lawn, and sidewalks.

Fishing line can be an effective deterrent for geese because they are scared of the reflection of the sun off the line. The fishing line should be hung in a crisscross pattern that is at least four feet high, and should be visible from all angles.

The fishing line should be hung in such a way that it forms a fence-like barrier around the area where you want to keep geese away. This will create a kind of physical barrier that will make it difficult for geese to pass through. It is important to have the fishing line evenly spaced so that birds cannot fly over it or squeeze through any gaps.

The fishing line should also be checked periodically because birds may try to break through it or become tangled in it. If this happens, then you need to repair any broken lines or untangle any birds. You should also check for signs of wear and tear on the lines and replace them if necessary.

In addition, you can make your yard less attractive to geese by removing any sources of food or water that they may find appealing. You can also use scare tactics such as flags, clapping your hands, shouting or using sound devices like whistles or horns.


Will fishing line keep geese away? Yes, it can be an effective deterrent if it is hung properly in a crisscross pattern and maintained regularly. However, other deterrents such as removing food sources and using scare tactics may also need to be employed in order to effectively keep geese away from your property.

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