Why Use a Swivel on a Fishing Line?

The swivel is an important accessory for anglers, as it helps to protect their fishing line from tangles and twists. It also prevents the line from being frayed or damaged due to the natural movement of the fish.

By using a swivel on your fishing line, you can ensure that your fishing equipment is always in top condition and that you always have a successful outing.

A swivel is a small device that attaches to the end of the fishing line and has two rotating rings that act as a hinge point between the two lines. It allows for smooth turning and maneuvering of the line, which prevents tangles from forming and allows for easy casting.

The rings also help to reduce strain on the line, which can occur when a fish pulls against it. This also helps to reduce wear on the line itself.

The swivel also helps to keep your bait in place, since it acts as both a stopper and an anchor point for your lure or bait. This means that you don’t have to worry about your bait slipping off or getting tangled up in other lines when you’re out on the water. Additionally, using a swivel will help prevent your reel from becoming overloaded with too much weight, which can cause unnecessary strain on its bearings and gears.

Using a swivel on your fishing line also makes it easier to keep track of where you’ve been casting. Since it has two rotating rings attached at either end of your line, it’s easy to identify where you’ve been fishing and how deep you are in relation to what type of structure or cover may be present in certain areas. This can be especially helpful when trying to locate certain types of fish.


Using a swivel on your fishing line is an excellent way to protect it from damage caused by natural movement and prevent tangles from forming. It also helps keep bait in place and prevents overloads on reels while making it easier for anglers to track where they have been casting for better success rates out on the water.

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