Why Use a Long Pole for Crappie Fishing?

Crappie fishing with a long pole is becoming increasingly popular among anglers. It is a great way to Target crappie in deeper water and can be very effective in catching them.

Long poles are typically between 8 and 12 feet in length, and they allow you to reach depths that are otherwise inaccessible with shorter rods.

When choosing the right long pole for crappie fishing, it’s important to consider the type of water you’ll be fishing in. For example, if you’re Targeting crappie in shallow water, a shorter pole will do the job.

However, if you’re fishing deep water, a longer pole will give you greater reach and accuracy when casting.

Long poles also provide better sensitivity when it comes to feeling the subtle bites of crappie. When using a shorter rod, it can be difficult to tell when a fish has taken your bait as the rod tip may not move enough for you to detect it. However, with a longer pole, there is more of an opportunity for the rod tip to move, making it easier to detect bites.

In addition, long poles make it easier to keep your line taut while pulling lures or baits through underwater vegetation or structure. This helps reduce snags and makes it easier to get your bait into tight spots that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Using a long pole for crappie fishing has many advantages over using shorter rods. It allows for greater reach and accuracy when casting into deeper waters and increased sensitivity when feeling subtle bites from fish. In addition, keeping line taut while pulling lures or baits through underwater vegetation or structure becomes much easier with a longer pole.

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