Why Is Fly Fishing Better Than Bait Fishing?

Fly fishing is an age-old tradition often seen as the most challenging and rewarding way to catch fish. Unlike bait fishing, which focuses on using live bait or lures to attract fish, fly fishing involves the use of artificial flies tied to a line.

This requires more skill and knowledge of the sport, making it much more difficult than bait fishing. Because of this, fly fishing is often seen as a more refined and superior style of angling.

One of the most obvious advantages of fly fishing is that there are no live baits or lures needed. This means that you don’t have to worry about catching and keeping alive minnows or dealing with the smell of smelly bait like worms or shrimp.

It can also be much easier to transport flies than a tackle box full of lures and bait, so you can take your fly fishing gear anywhere with ease.

Another major advantage is that fly fishermen have a variety of tools at their disposal when it comes to casting and presenting their flies. Fly rods are designed specifically for this purpose and allow for greater accuracy in casting as well as more control over how the fly is presented in the water. This can make the difference between catching a big fish or coming up empty-handed at the end of your day on the water.

Finally, one major benefit that fly fishermen have over those using traditional methods is in their ability to catch larger fish. The artificial flies used in fly fishing are generally more attractive to larger fish than live bait or lures, meaning anglers stand a better chance at landing trophy-sized catches with this method.


Fly fishing offers several advantages over traditional methods such as bait fishing, including not needing live baits or lures, having access to specialized tools such as rods specifically designed for this sport, and having better chances at landing large fish. Fly fishermen also enjoy a sense of accomplishment due to mastering an age-old tradition that requires more skill and knowledge than just using standard tackle boxes full of baits or lures. For all these reasons, it’s easy to see why many feel that fly fishing is superior to its alternatives when it comes to angling success!

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