Why Does My Fishing Line Stay Loose?

Fishing is a great outdoor activity that requires patience and knowledge. Every angler has their own technique and style, and one of the most important elements is how your line is set up.

Unfortunately, it’s common for fishing lines to stay loose for various reasons, which can cause problems when you’re trying to catch a fish.

The first most common reason why your fishing line might stay loose is because of the drag setting. The drag is a mechanism on the reel that allows you to adjust the tension of the line as it’s being pulled out.

If it’s set too low, then it will stay loose even if there’s tension on the line. To fix this issue, adjust the drag setting to a higher level so that it will provide more tension.

Another possible reason why your fishing line might stay loose is because of improper knot tying. It’s important to make sure you tie a good knot when attaching the line to the reel or lure so that it won’t come undone easily. This also helps ensure that there is enough friction between the line and whatever you are attaching it to, which helps keep it from slipping or coming loose.

Finally, another possible cause of a loose fishing line could be due to bait or lure size. If you are using a bait or lure that is too small for your line, then there won’t be enough friction between them which will cause your line to remain loose even with tension applied. To prevent this from happening, make sure you are using baits and lures that are sized correctly for your fishing setup.


There are several potential causes as to why your fishing line might stay loose while trying to catch fish. From improper drag settings and knot tying techniques to using baits and lures that are too small for your setup; these issues can all lead to frustrating results when trying to land a big one. By understanding what could be causing the problem and making adjustments accordingly, you can help ensure success when out on the water.

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Lindsay Collins