Why Can’t I Reel in My Fishing Line?

Fishing is an activity that has been around for thousands of years and it is still enjoyed by millions of people in the world today. For some, it is a hobby, while for others, it is a way to put food on the table. No matter why someone enjoys fishing, it can be incredibly frustrating when you are having difficulty reeling in your fishing line.

When you cast out your line and start to reel it in, you should feel some resistance as the bait travels through the water and you pull the line back towards you. If there’s no resistance or too much resistance, it can make it difficult to get your line back in. There are a few potential reasons why this might be happening.

The Line Is Tangled
One of the most common reasons why someone might have difficulty reeling in their fishing line is because the line is tangled up. This can be caused by an overly aggressive cast or if you don’t have enough slack in your line when you cast out. To fix this problem, simply untangle your line and try again.

The Line Is Too Tight

If your fishing line feels too tight when you try to reel it in, this could be because there’s something stuck on the end of your line that’s preventing it from coming back towards you. This could be anything from seaweed to rocks or even a fish that’s hooked itself onto your bait. In this case, all you need to do is give the line a little slack and then slowly start reeling it back in until whatever was stuck on the end comes off.

The Reel Isn’t Working Properly

Another possible reason why someone might have difficulty reeling in their fishing line is because their reel isn’t functioning properly. This could be due to old age or wear-and-tear on the reel itself or if there’s something wrong with its internal mechanisms (such as broken gears). If this is the case then all you need to do is replace or repair your reel and then try again.


In conclusion, if you have difficulty reeling in your fishing line then there are likely several potential causes for this problem such as having a tangled up fishing line, having something stuck on the end of the line, or having an issue with your reel itself. If any of these apply to you then simply take care of whatever issue was causing the problem and try again!

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