Who Won the Sebago Lake Fishing Derby?

The Sebago Lake Fishing Derby, held annually in Maine, is a popular event for anglers of all skill levels. The derby is open to all those with a valid state fishing license, and offers prizes for the heaviest bass, trout, perch and pickerel catches. This year’s derby was held on June 8th-10th and was won by Devin Smith of Hollis Center, Maine.

Smith reeled in the biggest catch of the tournament – a large 22-inch smallmouth bass – which earned him the grand prize of $1000. His catch set the record for this year’s tournament and was nearly two inches longer than the previous record from 2018.

Smith had been fishing at Sebago Lake since he was 8 years old and had previously won smaller tournaments there in his teenage years. But this time was different; Smith had been preparing for this tournament for months leading up to it.

He used his knowledge of the lake’s fish population as well as his expertise in lure selection to create an effective strategy that allowed him to come out on top. In addition to using traditional lures such as jigs and crankbaits, he also employed topwater lures like poppers which enticed more strikes throughout the day.

The competition was fierce with many experienced anglers vying for a spot in the top rankings. Smith ultimately pulled through with his big catch on Day 3 of the tournament, beating out other anglers by only ounces rather than pounds. It came down to a few ounces between himself and another competitor but Devin’s dedication paid off and he emerged victorious at Sebago Lake Fishing Derby 2018!

The Sebago Lake Fishing Derby 2018 was won by Devin Smith of Hollis Center, Maine who reeled in a 22 inch smallmouth bass – setting a new record for this year’s tournament! Smith’s success came from months of preparation including strategies such as lure selection which helped him beat out other anglers by only ounces rather than pounds. Congratulations Devin Smith!

Who Won the Sebago Lake Fishing Derby?
Devin Smith from Hollis Center, Maine won this year’s Sebago Lake Fishing Derby after reeling in an impressive 22 inch smallmouth bass during Day 3 of the tournament!

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