Who Was Sail on Written About?

Sail On is a popular song that has been covered by many artists over the years. Written by Lionel Richie, it was first recorded by The Commodores in 1979. But who exactly was Sail On written about?

There has been much speculation over the years about the inspiration behind the song. Some have suggested that it was written about a past love interest of Richie’s. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Richie revealed that the song was actually inspired by his father.

Richie’s father was a military man who was often away from home for long periods of time. As a child, Richie would watch his mother struggle to take care of the family while his father was away. The lyrics of Sail On reflect this experience, with lines like “I look in your eyes and I see a reflection of me” and “it’s time to be free”.

The song is a testament to the strength and resilience of his mother during those difficult times. It is also a tribute to his father, who sacrificed so much for his family.

Musically, Sail On is a classic example of Lionel Richie’s signature style. The smooth vocals and catchy melody make it an instant classic. It’s no wonder that so many artists have covered it over the years.

In conclusion, Sail On was written as an ode to Lionel Richie’s parents – specifically his father who served in the military and spent long periods away from home. The lyrics reflect on the struggles faced by his mother during those times and pay tribute to both parents for their sacrifices. The song remains a timeless classic and continues to be enjoyed by fans all over the world.

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