Who Started Canoe Financial?

Canoe Financial is a leading investment management firm headquartered in Calgary, Canada. It offers a wide range of investment solutions, including mutual funds, ETFs, and structured products. The company was founded in 2008 by Darcy Hulston.

The Founder – Darcy Hulston

Darcy Hulston is the founder and CEO of Canoe Financial. He has over two decades of experience in the financial industry and is recognized as one of Canada’s leading investment professionals. Prior to founding Canoe Financial, he held various senior positions at companies such as BMO Nesbitt Burns and FirstEnergy Capital Corp.

The Vision Behind Canoe Financial

Hulston’s vision behind starting Canoe Financial was to create an investment management firm that focused on delivering superior returns for investors through active management. He believed that traditional passive investing strategies were not enough to generate significant returns for clients over the long term.

Canoe’s Growth Trajectory

Since its inception in 2008, Canoe Financial has experienced significant growth and success. The company manages over $5 billion in assets under management (AUM) and has won numerous awards for its investment products and services.

Canoe Financial has also expanded its reach across Canada with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal. The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing innovative investment solutions that meet the evolving needs of investors.


In conclusion, Darcy Hulston’s vision to create an investment management firm focused on active management led to the inception of Canoe Financial in 2008. Since then, the company has experienced significant growth and success due to its commitment to delivering superior returns for investors through innovative investment solutions. With continued focus on client needs and dedication to active management strategies, Canoe Financial is poised for continued success in the future.

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