Who Owns Stren Fishing Line?

Stren fishing line is a well-known brand of fishing line that has been in production since 1958. It is a popular choice among anglers due to its durability, reliability, and affordability. Stren fishing line is manufactured by Pure Fishing, a global leader in the fishing tackle industry. Pure Fishing is owned by Jarden Corporation, a holding company that owns a variety of other companies in the consumer goods sector.

Stren fishing line is available in both mono filament and braided varieties. Mono filament lines are composed of single strands of material and are typically used for lighter applications such as panfish and small bass. Braided lines, on the other hand, are composed of multiple strands of material and are designed for heavier applications such as deep sea trolling or big game fish.

Stren fishing line offers anglers several advantages over other brands. It has excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance which makes it ideal for use in rocky environments or when using heavy lures or weights. It also has excellent sensitivity which allows anglers to detect even the slightest bites from fish.

Stren fishing line also boasts a wide variety of colors and sizes so anglers can customize their setup to their specific needs. Stren also produces specialty lines such as fluorocarbon, braid-to-mono hybrid lines, copolymer lines, and more.

In conclusion, Stren Fishing Line is owned by Jarden Corporation through its subsidiary company Pure Fishing. Stren’s durable construction, reliability, affordability, and wide selection make it an ideal choice for anglers seeking performance fishing line at an affordable price point.

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