Who Owns Seaguar Fishing Line?

Seaguar is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional-grade fishing line. It is a brand that has become synonymous with superior quality and reliability. Founded in 1973, Seaguar has continuously innovated and developed cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of anglers around the world.

Seaguar produces a wide variety of fishing lines designed for different types of fishing. For instance, their Fluorocarbon leader and tippet lines are strong yet supple, making them perfect for light tackle applications such as fly fishing.

They also offer braided lines for big game fish such as tuna and marlin, as well as monofilament lines for bass and other species. Seaguar’s exclusive DuraKote technology ensures that their lines remain soft and flexible even in frigid temperatures.

Seaguar is committed to producing premium quality products that exceed customers’ expectations. Their mission statement is “to provide superior performance products, driven by innovation and quality craftsmanship, which enable anglers to enjoy the outdoors with confidence and success”. To this end, they have invested heavily in research and development to create innovative products that are built to last.

Seaguar Fishing Line is owned by the Japanese company Kanechom Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1949. Kanechom manufactures a range of high-end fishing products including reels, rods, lures, hooks, leaders, and other accessories. In addition to Seaguar Fishing Line, they also produce KastKing – another popular brand of professional-grade fishing line.


Seaguar Fishing Line is owned by the Japanese company Kanechom Co., which has been producing high-quality fishing gear since 1949. Seaguar is committed to providing anglers with superior performance products that are backed by innovative technology and quality craftsmanship.

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