Who Owns Outrigger Canoe Club?

Outrigger Canoe Club is a prestigious private club situated in Honolulu, Hawaii. The club is known for its beautiful location, rich history, and various activities offered to its members. But the question that often arises in the minds of many people is – Who owns Outrigger Canoe Club?

The Founding of Outrigger Canoe Club

Outrigger Canoe Club was established in 1908 by a group of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for water sports. Initially, the club was founded as a place where people could come together and enjoy activities such as swimming, surfing, and canoe paddling.

Over time, Outrigger Canoe Club became more than just a place for water sports enthusiasts. It became a social hub where members could engage in various activities such as dining, dancing, and attending events.

The Ownership of Outrigger Canoe Club

Today, Outrigger Canoe Club is owned by its members. The club operates as a non-profit organization with an elected board of directors who oversee the day-to-day operations of the club.

Membership to Outrigger Canoe Club is exclusive and requires an application process. Prospective members must be sponsored by current members and meet certain criteria to be considered for membership.

Once accepted into the club, members have access to all the facilities and amenities that Outrigger Canoe Club has to offer. These include multiple dining options, fitness center, tennis courts, beach access, and more.

  • Facilities: The facilities at Outrigger Canoe Club are top-notch and cater to all interests. Members can enjoy multiple dining options including fine dining at the Main Dining Room or casual fare at The Barefoot Bar.

    Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the fitness center which includes cardio machines, weight training equipment, yoga classes, and more.

  • Activities: Members can participate in a wide variety of activities such as tennis, paddleboarding, surfing, and beach volleyball. Outrigger Canoe Club also offers social events throughout the year such as luaus, holiday parties, and live music performances.
  • Beach Access: One of the biggest draws of Outrigger Canoe Club is its prime location on the beach. Members have direct access to the beautiful Waikiki Beach where they can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and various water sports.

The Legacy of Outrigger Canoe Club

Outrigger Canoe Club has a rich history and legacy in Hawaii. It is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious private clubs in the state. The club has played a significant role in promoting water sports and preserving Hawaiian culture.

Over the years, Outrigger Canoe Club has produced numerous champions in various water sports competitions including surfing, canoe paddling, and swimming. The club’s members have also contributed to various philanthropic causes in Hawaii.

In Conclusion

In summary, Outrigger Canoe Club is owned by its members who are responsible for its day-to-day operations. Membership to the club is exclusive and requires an application process.

Once accepted into the club, members have access to top-notch facilities and amenities that cater to all interests. The legacy of Outrigger Canoe Club continues to thrive in Hawaii as it promotes water sports and preserves Hawaiian culture.

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