Who Makes Sufix Fishing Line?

Sufix fishing line is a leading brand of monofilament and braid fishing lines. Manufactured by the American company, Jarden Corporation, Sufix fishing line is renowned for its superior strength, quality and durability.

Sufix fishing line is designed to provide anglers with the ultimate in performance and reliability. The company’s patented technology ensures that all Sufix lines are supplied with an advanced level of precision and accuracy. This ensures that they offer maximum breaking strength, superb knot strength and exceptional abrasion resistance.

The company uses a range of materials in their production process, including nylon, polyester, fluorocarbon and spectra fibres. All these materials have been carefully chosen for their unique properties which make them ideal for use in fishing line production.

Sufix also has a range of specialised products designed specifically to meet the needs of anglers Targeting different species of fish in various water conditions. These include bass lines for freshwater fishing, saltwater lines for inshore and offshore fishing, salmon lines for trolling and steelhead lines for steelhead trout fishing.

The company’s commitment to quality extends beyond their product range however; they also provide a comprehensive range of customer services too. Their customer service team are always on hand to answer any queries or problems you may have with your Sufix gear and they also offer a lifetime guarantee on all Sufix products – ensuring you can fish with confidence knowing that your gear will last you a lifetime no matter what conditions you fish in.

Who Makes Sufix Fishing Line?

Sufix Fishing Line is manufactured by the American company Jarden Corporation, who have become renowned for their excellent quality products that offer superior strength, durability and accuracy. With an extensive range of specialized products available as well as comprehensive customer services, anglers can be sure that their Sufix gear will last them a lifetime no matter what conditions they fish in.

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