Who Makes Fused Fishing Line?

Fused fishing line has become a popular choice for anglers who need reliable, durable and highly visible line. Fused fishing line is made by a process called extrusions, which involves the heating and stretching of plastic materials to form the desired shape. The process results in a much more robust, dependable and visible line compared to most other types, making it ideal for those who take their fishing seriously.

What is Fused Fishing Line Used For?

Fused fishing line is great for a wide range of applications in both fresh and salt water. It can be used for trolling, baitcasting, surfcasting, jigging, bottom fishing and even fly fishing.

The thicker diameter of fused lines increases the strength of the line allowing it to withstand heavier weights without breaking or stretching excessively. This makes it perfect for Targeting larger fish such as tuna or marlin. Its increased visibility also makes it easier to spot bites when you’re out on the water.

What Are the Benefits of Fused Fishing Line?

Fused fishing lines have several advantages over traditional monofilaments or braided lines. Firstly, its extra strength makes it ideal for Targeting larger fish like marlin or tuna.

Secondly, its increased visibility helps you spot bites more easily when you’re out on the water. Lastly, its abrasion resistance means that it won’t easily wear down from rubbing against rocks or other objects in the water. This makes fused lines much more durable than traditional monofilament lines which can fray and break easily when exposed to these conditions.

Who Makes Fused Fishing Line?
Fused fishing line is produced by several different companies around the world including Seaguar, Daiwa and Shimano. Each manufacturer offers their own unique range of fused lines that are designed to meet the specific needs of anglers depending on what type of fish they are Targeting and their preferred method of fishing.

Conclusion: When selecting a fused fishing line for your next angling adventure look no further than Seaguar, Daiwa or Shimano who all produce high quality fused lines that are designed to meet your specific needs!

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