Which Watt Trader Has Surf?

Have you ever wondered which Watt Trader in the Galar region sells the Surf move? Surf is a powerful Water-type move that allows you to navigate across bodies of water in your adventure. In this article, we will explore the locations of the Watt Traders and find out which one sells this handy move.

What are Watt Traders?

Watt Traders are special NPCs that exchange Watts for various items and services. Watts are a currency in the Galar region that can be obtained by participating in Max Raid Battles or finding glowing Poké Dens in the Wild Area.

The Locations of Watt Traders

In order to find out which Watt Trader has Surf, we need to know their locations first. There are several Watt Traders scattered throughout the Galar region:

  • Motostoke: Located in the northeastern part of Galar, Motostoke is one of the largest cities in the region. The Watt Trader can be found near the entrance to the Galar Mine No. 2.
  • Hammerlocke: Situated at the heart of Galar, Hammerlocke is a bustling city known for its historical landmarks. The Watt Trader can be found near a bridge close to Hammerlocke Stadium.
  • Ballonlea: This charming town is famous for its Fairy-type Gym and picturesque scenery.The Watt Trader can be found near Ballonlea Stadium.
  • Circhester: Known for its snowy landscape, Circhester has two Watt Traders. One can be found near Circhester Stadium, while the other is located near Route 9.
  • Spikemuth: This dark and mysterious town is home to the Dragon-type Gym. The Watt Trader can be found near the entrance to Spikemuth.
  • Wyndon: As the largest city in Galar, Wyndon is the hub of all major events and tournaments. The Watt Trader can be found near the entrance to Wyndon Stadium.

Which Watt Trader Has Surf?

After exploring all the locations of the Watt Traders, we can determine that the one who sells Surf is located in Ballonlea. Make your way to Ballonlea Stadium, and you will find the Watt Trader nearby. Exchange your hard-earned Watts for Surf, and you’ll be able to surf across water bodies and reach new areas in your journey!

Remember, Surf is not just a useful move for navigation, but it can also be a powerful attack during battles. So don’t forget to teach it to your Water-type Pokémon and make the most out of its versatility.

Now that you know where to find the Watt Trader with Surf, go ahead and explore new areas in Galar with this incredible move!

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