Which State Has the Best Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing has been a popular hobby for centuries, and many of the world’s best fly fishing spots can be found in the United States. From the rugged mountain streams of Montana to the crystal-clear lakes of Maine, fly fishing in America is some of the best in the world.

In Montana, fly fishermen can find impressive trout, salmon and bass populations in some of the most scenic areas on earth. The Stillwater River, Blackfoot River and Madison River are all renowned for their abundance of fish and stunning natural beauty.

There are also plenty of other smaller streams that provide great opportunities for fly fishing as well.

The state of Colorado is also widely considered to have some of the best fly fishing in America. The Eagle River, Roaring Fork River and Fryingpan River offer anglers access to large populations of rainbow trout and brown trout.

In addition to these larger rivers, there are plenty of smaller creeks that provide excellent opportunities for fly fishing.

Maine is another great state for fly fishermen as it offers some excellent saltwater fishing as well as freshwater options. The Penobscot River is one of Maine’s premier rivers for trout and salmon while other rivers such as the Saco, Kennebec and Androscoggin offer a variety of species such as smallmouth bass, brook trout and even landlocked salmon.


When it comes to choosing which state has the best fly fishing experience, it really depends on what type of fish you’re looking for and what kind of scenery you prefer. All three states mentioned have outstanding opportunities for anglers looking to catch trout, salmon or bass. However, if we had to pick one state that stands above the rest when it comes to fly fishing, it would have to be Montana due to its exceptional river systems full of fish and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

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