Which Is the Main Problem Facing Fishing in Lake Victoria?

Fishing in Lake Victoria is facing a range of problems, from declining fish stocks to poor fishing practices. The lake is a major source of livelihood for the people living around it, providing thousands of jobs and providing food for millions. However, the lake has been under immense pressure from overfishing and pollution over the past few decades, leading to a range of issues that need to be addressed.

One of the main problems facing fishing in Lake Victoria is overfishing. The lake has an estimated 1.7 million tonnes of total fish biomass but this has been steadily decreasing due to unsustainable fishing practices. In addition, there are numerous illegal fishing operations taking place on the lake which are further depleting fish stocks and making it difficult for local fishers to make a living.

Another major issue is water pollution. Pollution from agricultural runoff and industrial waste have caused the lake’s water quality to decline dramatically in recent years.

This has led to eutrophication, where excessive nutrients cause algal blooms which can lead to oxygen depletion and fish kills. Pollution also affects the natural environment by increasing sedimentation which can smother fish eggs and larvae.

The introduction of invasive species is another major problem facing fishing in Lake Victoria. Invasive species such as Nile Perch have disrupted the natural balance of the lake’s ecosystem by competing with native species for resources such as food and habitat. This has resulted in a decrease in native species populations and an increase in those of invasive species.


Overall, it is clear that overfishing, water pollution and invasive species are all contributing factors to the decline in fish stocks in Lake Victoria. The decline has had a serious impact on local livelihoods as well as on the environment surrounding it. Therefore, if we are to restore Lake Victoria’s fisheries then these issues must be addressed urgently.

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