Where to Get Fishing Rod in RuneScape?

Fishing is one of the oldest skills in RuneScape and is an incredibly popular pastime for many players. It’s a great way to make money and to relax while you’re playing the game.

But, as with any activity in RuneScape, you need the right equipment if you want to be successful. That means having a good fishing rod.

If you’re looking for a fishing rod in RuneScape, there are several places that you can get one. The first place to look is the Grand Exchange, which is located in the center of Varrock.

At the Grand Exchange, you can buy a wide variety of items, including fishing rods. The prices here can vary depending on supply and demand, so it’s always worth taking a look around before making your purchase.

Another great place to get your hands on a fishing rod is at Fishing Shops. These shops are located throughout RuneScape and offer a variety of different types of rods. The prices here tend to be more reasonable than at the Grand Exchange and there is usually someone available to help you with any questions that you might have about your purchase.

You can also find fishing rods sold by other players in-game. To do this, simply type “fishing rod” into the search bar at the top of your screen and then click “Go”.

This will bring up all of the available fishing rods that are currently being sold by other players in-game. This is an excellent way to get good deals on rods without having to pay too much money upfront.

Finally, if you don’t have access to any of these sources, then there are still ways for you to get your hands on a fishing rod in RuneScape. You can craft one using materials found throughout the game or buy them from other players using gold pieces (GP). Crafting your own rod requires specific levels of Crafting skill but it can be done relatively easily once you reach those levels.


In conclusion, when looking for a fishing rod in RuneScape there are several sources available for purchase or crafting including: The Grand Exchange, Fishing Shops scattered around RuneScape, buying from other players on-game or crafting your own with materials found throughout the game.

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