Where Is the Model Number on a Fishing Pole?

When it comes to fishing, having the right pole can make a world of difference. But when you’re looking to purchase a new pole, you may find yourself asking where is the model number on a fishing pole?

The model number on a fishing pole is typically located on the butt section of the rod. This is the part of the rod that connects with your reel and is usually made up of two parts.

The model number should be printed somewhere on this section and will usually include both letters and numbers. It can be found in many places including near the grip, near the joint connecting two pieces of the rod together or even along one of the line guides.

In addition to knowing where to find your model number, it’s also important to understand why it’s important. The model number allows manufacturers to keep track of their products and also provides customers with important information about their rods. For example, some rods are designed for specific types of fishing such as deep sea or freshwater casting while others are designed for general use.


The model number on a fishing pole is an important piece of information that can help you purchase the right rod for your needs. Knowing where to find this number (on the butt section) can save you time and effort when shopping for a new rod.

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