Where Is the Fishing Pole in Shadowlands?

Fishing is an age-old activity and hobby that has been enjoyed by many people around the world. The peaceful and calming nature of the activity makes it a great way to relax and enjoy nature. The recent release of the popular game Shadowlands has continued to keep the fishing tradition alive with its inclusion of a fishing pole in the game.

The fishing pole in Shadowlands can be found at few different locations throughout the game world. The most common location for it is in Mezzinor, a small village located on the eastern side of the map near the border of Val’sharah. This is where players can find a vendor who will sell them a fishing pole for 10 gold pieces.

Once players have acquired their fishing pole, they will need to find a good spot to fish. There are a variety of bodies of water scattered throughout Shadowlands that can be used for fishing, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Some locations even have special spots where fish are more likely to spawn or where rare fish can be found.

In addition to finding good places to fish, players will also need bait in order to catch any fish at all. Bait can be acquired from vendors or found by looting certain areas in Shadowlands. Once players have acquired some bait, they will be able to start their fishing adventure!


The fishing pole in Shadowlands is an important item for anyone looking to take part in this traditional activity within the game’s world. Players can find it at Mezzinor village for 10 gold pieces, and then they’ll need to find suitable bodies of water and bait in order to start their journey into angling adventure!

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