Where Is the Best Perch Fishing on Lake Simcoe?

Lake Simcoe is one of Canada’s premier fishing destinations, and it’s no surprise why. Located in the heart of Ontario, it offers a vast array of fishing options.

From walleye to bass, northern pike to musky, and even trout and salmon, the lake has something for everyone. But when it comes to perch fishing, Lake Simcoe is truly in a class of its own.

The lake’s natural beauty and abundance of aquatic life make it an ideal location for anglers who are looking to catch some quality perch. The lake boasts several hotspots where anglers can expect to find plenty of hungry perch.

The north end of the lake is known for its deep water and rocky structure that provide sanctuary for larger schools of perch. Nearby islands also provide plenty of cover for the fish to hide.

Another great spot for perch fishing on Lake Simcoe is the western shoreline near Orillia. This part of the lake is shallow and has an abundance of weeds that attract small baitfish which in turn attract larger predators such as perch. The numerous coves along this stretch also offer shelter from strong winds making it easier to cast your line with precision.

One final spot worth mentioning is the eastern shoreline near Beaverton. This area is home to a variety of different structures such as gravel bars, drop-offs, sunken trees and weed beds that all make for excellent locations where anglers can expect to find plenty of hungry perch ready to take their bait.

In conclusion, there are numerous spots on Lake Simcoe where anglers can expect to find plenty of quality perch ready for the taking. Whether you prefer deep water structure or shallow weed beds, there’s sure be a spot that suits your needs perfectly!

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Lindsay Collins