Where Is the Best Ice Fishing in Ontario?

With its vast waterways and countless frozen lakes, Ontario is a popular destination for ice fishing. From the Great Lakes to the smaller, picturesque lakes in Northern Ontario, there are plenty of places for anglers to try their luck.

The Great Lakes are a great place for ice fishing in Ontario. Many of the larger species of fish such as walleye, pike and musky can be found in these larger bodies of water.

These species can be Targeted from shore or from a boat on the ice. Along with these species, there are also smaller fish such as perch, sunfish and whitefish that can provide plenty of action if you know where to look.

The Georgian Bay is another popular spot for ice fishing in Ontario. This large bay is filled with plenty of smaller bays that provide great spots to catch walleye, pike and panfish.

Along with these species, there are also larger fish such as lake trout and salmon that can be caught in deeper waters during certain times of the year. There are also plenty of smaller bays and channels that provide excellent spots for catching perch and sunfish.

Lake Simcoe is one of the most popular lakes for ice fishing in Ontario and is known for its large population of walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and musky. The lake has an abundance of reefs and structure which provides ample opportunity to Target these species. It also has some great areas to Target lake trout during certain times of the year as well.

Northern Ontario has many smaller lakes that offer excellent opportunities for catching both warmwater species like bass, pike and walleye as well as coldwater species like trout and salmon. The region has countless rivers and streams that provide anglers with ample opportunity to catch fish throughout the winter months when they’re frozen over.


Ontario offers many different opportunities for anglers looking to enjoy some quality ice fishing in the province. Whether you’re looking to Target larger species such as walleye or pike on one of the Great Lakes or Targeting lake trout or salmon on Lake Simcoe or Northern Ontario’s smaller lakes, there’s something out there for everyone looking to experience some quality ice fishing in Ontario!

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