Where Is the Best Fly Fishing in the United States?

Fly fishing is one of the most popular forms of recreational fishing in the United States. From its origins as an angling technique used by the Native Americans to its modern-day popularity among fishermen across the country, fly fishing has become an integral part of American culture. With so many great places to fish, it can be difficult to narrow down where the best fly fishing in the United States is located.

One of the top contenders for best fly fishing in the United States is Montana. Montana offers some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the world, with its numerous rivers and streams filled with trophy-sized fish. The Big Hole River, Bighorn River, Beaverhead River, and Madison River are all popular destinations for fly anglers looking to land a big one. In addition to these more well-known fisheries, Montana also has many lesser-known waters offering great opportunities for fly anglers.

Another great destination for fly fishing is Alaska.

Alaska boasts some of the most pristine and untouched rivers in North America, making it a prime destination for anglers looking for a unique experience. The Kenai River is one of Alaska’s most popular rivers and it’s home to some of the largest Salmon and Trout in North America. The Naknek River near Bristol Bay is also a great spot, offering up huge Rainbow Trout that average around 20 inches long!

Colorado is another state that offers excellent fly fishing opportunities. The state is home to countless rivers and streams that are teeming with trout and other species of fish, ranging from small Brook Trout to large Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. Popular spots include Clear Creek near Denver, Roaring Fork near Aspen, and South Platte near Colorado Springs – all offering exceptional opportunities for catching trophy-sized trout.

New York

New York may not be known as a traditional fly fishing destination like Montana or Colorado, but it still offers plenty of great opportunities for anglers looking to land some big fish. Lakes such as Lake Ontario offer up monster Salmon while smaller streams like West Canada Creek offer up plenty of Brook Trout just waiting to be caught.

Where Is the Best Fly Fishing in the United States?

The answer really depends on what type of fish you want to Target – each state offers something unique when it comes to fly fishing opportunities. If you’re looking for big salmon or trout then Montana or Alaska are your best bets; if you’re looking for smaller species then Colorado or New York can provide plenty of action as well.


Ultimately there’s no definitive answer as to where is best for fly fishing in the United States – each state has its own unique offerings when it comes to great locations for catching trophy fish! Whether you’re after trout or salmon, no matter where you choose you’re sure to find an unforgettable experience.

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