Where Is the Best Fly Fishing in the UK?

Fly fishing in the UK is a popular pastime enjoyed by many, with plenty of rivers and lakes offering a great chance to catch a wide range of fish species. But finding the best places to go fly fishing can be difficult, so we’ve compiled this guide to where you should be heading.

Scotland – Scotland is one of the best places to go fly fishing in the UK. There are some stunning lochs and rivers that offer plenty of opportunity for a great day out.

The River Tay is particularly popular, as it offers a good chance of catching brown trout, sea trout and salmon. Other popular spots include Loch Leven and Loch Awe.

Wales – Wales is another fantastic place for fly fishing, with some truly picturesque spots. The River Usk is renowned for its salmon and sewin (sea trout) runs, while other popular spots include the Rivers Wye and Teifi. Anglers usually have the best chance of catching sewin during May and June, while salmon can be caught all year round.

England – England has some excellent fly fishing opportunities too, especially in the south west where rivers like the Test are renowned for their trout fishing. Further north there are some great spots too such as Derwentwater in Cumbria or Windermere in Lancashire – both great locations for catching brown trout or salmon.

Conclusion: To sum up, there are plenty of excellent fly fishing spots across the UK – from Scotland’s lochs to England’s rivers – so all anglers can find somewhere special to cast their line and hopefully catch something memorable!

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