Where Is the Best Fly Fishing in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a great place for fly fishing. With its wide range of habitats, from high-mountain streams to desert rivers and lakes, New Mexico has something for everyone when it comes to fly fishing. The state is unique in that it has the opportunity to fish for a variety of species, including trout, bass, catfish, sunfish, and even salmon.

The Gila River is one of the best spots in New Mexico for fly fishing. This river is home to many species of trout including rainbow trout and brown trout. The Gila also offers excellent opportunities for both dry fly fishing and nymphing.

The San Juan River is another popular spot for fly fishing in New Mexico. This river runs through the Navajo Nation and offers excellent opportunities for anglers looking to catch large brown trout or rainbow trout.

If you’re looking for a more secluded experience, then head up to the Cimarron River in the northern part of the state. This river is known as one of the best dry-fly fisheries in New Mexico and offers anglers a chance to catch wild rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and brown trout. The Cimarron also offers excellent opportunities for nymphing with mayfly hatches occurring frequently throughout the summer months.

Chama River

The Chama River is one of the most popular rivers in New Mexico when it comes to fly fishing. This river flows through several mountain ranges and provides anglers with an opportunity to catch large wild rainbow trout. The Chama also offers excellent dry-fly fishing throughout much of its length as well as great opportunities for nymphing during hatches.

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande is one of the longest rivers in North America and flows through much of New Mexico before emptying into Texas. This river hosts many different species including browns, rainbows, cutthroat trout and smallmouth bass. Fly fishers will find plenty of opportunity here with some great dry-fly fishing along its banks as well as nymphing during hatches.


New Mexico has something for every type of angler when it comes to fly fishing – from big rivers like the Rio Grande or Gila River to smaller streams like Cimarron or Chama – there are plenty of places around the state where you can have a great time on the water chasing after elusive fish.

Where Is The Best Fly Fishing In New Mexico?

There are numerous great spots all over New Mexico for fly fishing – from high-mountain streams like those found on the Gila River or Cimarron Rivers to larger rivers like the Rio Grande or San Juan – all offering their own unique challenges and rewards! Ultimately it depends on what type of experience you’re looking for when determining where is best suited for your needs!

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