Where Is the Best Fly Fishing in California?

When it comes to fly fishing, California is a paradise for anglers. With its abundant resources, the Golden State makes for an ideal spot to wet a line.

California offers some of the most diverse and unique fly fishing opportunities in the United States, from coastal streams and rivers to high-mountain lakes and reservoirs. Whether you’re after trout, bass, or salmon, there is sure to be a perfect spot for you.

The North Coast of California is well known for its steelhead and salmon fisheries. This area has many rivers and creeks that are home to these popular species.

The Eel River and Klamath River are two of the most popular destinations in this region, offering plenty of access points and excellent fishing opportunities. Other great spots include Redwood Creek, Smith River, Mad River, Van Duzen River, Trinity River, Mattole River, and more.

Central California is famous for its trophy-sized trout. The Sierra Nevada mountain range is home to many high-altitude lakes that hold large rainbow trout.

These lakes are often stocked with trout from nearby hatcheries as well as wild populations that have been established over the years. Popular destinations include Lake Tahoe, Crowley Lake, Hot Creek Ranch, Mammoth Lakes Basin and more.

Further south in Southern California you can find a variety of saltwater species such as halibut and striped bass in the Pacific Ocean. There are several access points along the coast where anglers can wade out into deeper waters or launch boats to explore further offshore. Popular destinations include San Diego Bay, Oceanside Pier, Catalina Island and many others.


With so many great spots available throughout California it can be hard to choose where to go fly fishing. But whether you’re looking for steelhead or trout in Central California or saltwater species off the coast of Southern California – you’re sure to find some of the best fly fishing in all of America right here in California!

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