Where Is the Best Fishing on Lake Livingston?

Lake Livingston is a vast and beautiful lake situated in the piney woods of east Texas. It has been a popular destination for fisherman, boaters, and recreationalists since its formation in 1969. Anglers flock to Lake Livingston for the abundance of largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, white bass and bluegill that can be found here.

The best fishing on Lake Livingston can be found in the many coves and tributaries that feed into it. These coves offer a variety of different habitats for fish to thrive in and are a great spot to cast your line. The coves are also known for producing some big catches of largemouth bass that can reach up to 10-12 pounds!

Crappie fishing on Lake Livingston is also quite popular among anglers. The lake provides ample cover such as stumps, logs and rocks which offer an ideal habitat for crappie to hide in. Many anglers Target this species using small jigs or minnows tipped with wax worms or meal worms.

Catfish are another popular species among fishermen on the lake and can be caught using cut bait or live bait such as shad or nightcrawlers. Catfish prefer deeper waters so it’s important to fish near channels or deep points when Targeting them.

White bass are another sought-after species on Lake Livingston. They can be found near ledges and drop-offs where they feed on shad and other baitfish during their spawning season which typically starts in late March.

Where is the Best Fishing on Lake Livingston?

The best fishing on Lake Livingston can be found in its many coves and tributaries as well as near ledges, drop-offs, channels, deep points and other areas that provide plenty of cover for fish to thrive. Anglers will find excellent opportunities to catch largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, white bass and bluegill here with some even reaching up to 10-12 pounds!


With its abundance of fish species, plentiful cover opportunities and beautiful scenery – Lake Livingston is an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts looking for an exciting adventure! Whether you’re after largemouth bass, catfish, crappie or white bass – this lake has something for everyone!

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