Where Is the Best Fishing on Lake Fork?

Lake Fork is an excellent destination for anglers seeking trophy bass. Located in east Texas, Lake Fork covers 27,690 acres of land and features over 200 miles of shoreline.

With its numerous creeks, points, coves, and other cover, the lake offers plenty of places to fish. What’s more, it contains an abundance of bass ranging in size from small to large.

One of the best places to look for trophy bass on Lake Fork is on the main lake points near creek mouths. When the water temperature reaches 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in the springtime, you can find bass hiding around these points and striking at lures like crankbaits and spinnerbaits. The effective depth range for these lures is typically 5-15 feet.

In addition to fishing main lake points near creek mouths, anglers should also look for bass on secondary points in deeper water. Drop shot rigs are especially effective here since they can be used to Target fish holding in deeper depths. Anglers should also consider looking for bass around deep docks as they often congregate there when the water temperature starts rising.

Structure Fishing

Another great way to locate trophy bass on Lake Fork is by structure fishing. Fish tend to hang out around sunken trees and stumps found along ledges and drop offs at depths between 10-20 feet. Crankbaits are a reliable choice here as they can be worked through cover while searching for active fish.


Ledges are another great area to Target on Lake Fork for trophy bass. The deeper ledges located along main lake points offer a perfect environment for bass as they provide food sources such as shad and crawfish which attract hungry fish throughout the year.


Lake Fork is a great destination for anglers seeking trophy bass with plenty of places to Target them like main lake points near creek mouths, secondary points in deeper water, structure fishing spots like sunken trees and stumps along ledges, and deep docks where fish often gather when the water temperature starts rising. With its abundant amount of cover and resources available, Lake Fork is truly one of the best destinations for serious trophy hunters.

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