Where Is the Best Fishing on Lake Champlain?

Lake Champlain is a large body of water that straddles the border between New York and Vermont. It’s an incredibly popular spot for a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing.

But with so much of the lake to explore, it can be difficult to know where to start looking for the best fishing spots. Thankfully, there are a few areas that are known for their excellent catches.

South Hero Island is located on the northern side of Lake Champlain and is known for its excellent smallmouth bass fishing. This area is home to plenty of shallow bays and inlets that are perfect for anglers looking to Target both largemouth and smallmouth bass. South Hero Island is also great for Targeting northern pike and walleye.

Malletts Bay, located in Vermont on the western side of Lake Champlain, is one of the most popular fishing spots on the lake. Here anglers can find plenty of largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as pike and walleye. Malletts Bay also offers some excellent spring trout fishing opportunities.

Missisquoi Bay, located on the northeastern side of Lake Champlain in Vermont, is known for its huge population of lake trout. This area has plenty of deep-water structure that makes it perfect for trolling or jigging for these monster trout. Other species found here include pike, bass, walleye, perch, muskie, and northern pike.


Lake Champlain has so much to offer anglers looking for a great catch! South Hero Island offers some excellent smallmouth bass fishing opportunities while Malletts Bay and Missisquoi Bay both offer excellent chances at landing big trout along with other species such as pike and walleye. With so many options available, anglers can be sure to find the best fishing experience on Lake Champlain!

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