Where Is the Best Crappie Fishing on Lake Texoma?

Lake Texoma is a reservoir on the Red River that forms the border between Texas and Oklahoma. It is one of the most popular fishing spots in the region, and it has been a hotbed for Crappie fishing for years. Crappie are plentiful in Lake Texoma, and anglers have many different areas to choose from for some great fishing.

The most popular spot for catching Crappie on Lake Texoma is in the upper portion of the lake near Denison Dam. This area has an abundance of brush piles, stumps, and other structure that provide great habitat for Crappie. The best time to fish this area is during the spring months when the water is warming up, as this is when Crappie tend to be most active. Anglers should use small jigs or minnows to Target these fish.

The lower portion of Lake Texoma also offers some excellent Crappie fishing.

This area has plenty of vegetation and structure that attracts these fish. The best time to Target them here is during late fall and early winter when they are feeding heavily prior to spawning season. Jigs or minnows fished around sunken trees and brush piles are effective ways to catch them.

Another great spot for catching Crappie on Lake Texoma is near Eisenhower State Park. This area features shallow flats with plenty of cover, which makes it an ideal habitat for these fish. Anglers should focus their efforts here during late spring through early summer when the water temperature is at its peak.

Overall, Lake Texoma offers a variety of different habitats that make it one of the best places in the region to catch Crappie. Anglers should take advantage of all the different areas around this lake in order to maximize their chances at success.


Where Is The Best Crappie Fishing On Lake Texoma? The answer really depends on what time of year it is and what type of habitat anglers are looking for, but overall there are plenty of great spots throughout this lake that offer excellent opportunities for catching these tasty panfish.

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