Where Is the Best Crappie Fishing on Kentucky Lake?

Where Is the Best Crappie Fishing on Kentucky Lake?

Kentucky Lake is a vast reservoir in the western part of the state and is the perfect destination for anglers looking to try their luck at catching crappie. The lake is known for its huge population of black and white crappie, making it one of the best places in the state for this type of fishing.

The most popular area for crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake is along its northern shoreline, between Kentucky Dam and New Johnsonville. This region has plenty of shallow coves, flooded timber, and deep water that are ideal habitat for crappie. There are also plenty of boat ramps and marinas where anglers can launch their boats and access these prime fishing spots.

For those looking to Target big fish, head to the deeper waters near Paris Landing and further north. Here you’ll find some of the bigger black crappie as well as white crappie that can reach sizes of up to three pounds. The best time to fish here is during late winter and early spring when they’re spawning.

If you’re looking for an exciting day out on the water, try trolling or drifting around some of Kentucky Lake’s many points and humps with minnows or small jigs. For those who want a more relaxed experience, try casting from shore with jigs or live bait such as worms or crickets around sunken trees or submerged timber.

No matter what kind of fishing you’re after, Kentucky Lake has something to offer everyone from novice anglers to experienced fishermen alike. With its abundant schools of crappie, Kentucky Lake is an ideal destination for anyone looking to get out on the water for a great day of fishing.


Kentucky Lake is home to some incredible crappie fishing opportunities throughout its vast expanse. From its northern shoreline around Kentucky Dam and New Johnsonville all the way up to Paris Landing in the north, there are plenty of prime spots where anglers can Target both black and white crappie throughout different seasons. Whether you’re trolling or casting from shore, there’s something here for everyone so come check out what Kentucky Lake has to offer!

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