Where Is the Best Bass Fishing on Lake of the Ozarks?

Lake of the Ozarks is a popular destination for bass fishing, and with good reason. The lake is full of a variety of species of bass, including largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, and white bass.

With so many different types of bass to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where the best place to go fishing is on the lake. Fortunately, there are a few areas that stand out as prime spots for some great catches.

Linn Creek:

Linn Creek is one of the most well-known spots on Lake of the Ozarks for bass fishing. It’s a large cove located on the southwest side of the lake and it’s full of lily pads and other vegetation that make it an ideal spot for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass. The water in this area can be shallow at times, so it’s important to use the right bait and technique to get the most out of your experience.

Gravois Arm:

The Gravois Arm is located on the south end of Lake of the Ozarks and it’s another popular spot for anglers looking to catch some great bass. The area is full of submerged stumps and other structure that attract large concentrations of both largemouth and spotted bass. This area can be tricky to navigate due to its shallow water levels, but it’s worth exploring if you want to increase your chances at a good catch.

Niangua Arm:

The Niangua Arm is located on the north end of Lake of the Ozarks. This area is home to one of the best populations of white bass in Missouri which makes it an ideal spot for those looking for some quality catches. There are also plenty of lily pads and other vegetation that attract both smallmouth and largemouth bass as well.


Lake Of The Ozarks has plenty to offer when it comes to great spots for catching Bass. Linn Creek, Gravois Arm, And Niangua Arm are all prime locations full with plenty structure that attracts Bass throughout their life cycles making them ideal spots for anglers looking for trophy Bass catches.

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