Where Is Seaguar Fishing Line Made?

Seaguar is a renowned leader in the fishing line industry. The company has been in business for over 50 years, providing anglers with reliable and high-performance fishing lines. But where is Seaguar fishing line made?

Seaguar fishing lines are proudly manufactured in Japan. The company operates two manufacturing facilities in Japan – one in Osaka and one in Tokyo. Both plants use the latest technology to produce superior quality fishing lines that are designed to stand up to any condition or situation.

Seaguar’s Japanese production facilities are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This means that their processes meet the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that anglers get only the best from Seaguar. The company also follows strict environmental regulations and has earned certification from organizations like Eco-Mark, Eco-Label and Oeko-Tex.

Seaguar takes great pride in producing innovative, high-performance fishing lines at their Japanese facilities. Each line is made using advanced materials such as fluorocarbon, braid, monofilament, and copolymer for superior strength and durability. All of Seaguar’s lines are tested rigorously to make sure they meet stringent standards of quality and performance.

Seaguar is dedicated to providing anglers with top-notch performance and reliability in every type of fishing condition or situation they may face. That’s why they choose to manufacture their products at their factories located in Japan – it ensures they can always provide anglers with the best possible products available on the market today.


Seaguar is a renowned leader in the fishing line industry, providing anglers with reliable and high-performance fishing lines for over 50 years. All Seaguar products are proudly manufactured at their two Japanese production facilities located in Osaka and Tokyo which adhere to strict ISO standards as well as other environmental regulations like Eco-Mark, Eco-Label and Oeko-Tex certification. Seaguar continues to provide anglers with top notch performance and reliability through the use of advanced materials like fluorocarbon, braid, monofilament, and copolymer that are all rigorously tested before being released on the market today.

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