Where Is PowerPro Fishing Line Made?

PowerPro Fishing Line is an American-made, high-performance fishing line that has become a staple in the fishing tackle industry. It is manufactured in the United States by Power Pro USA, Inc. and distributed worldwide.

The PowerPro Fishing Line is made of Spectra Fiber, which is a patented technology that provides superior strength and abrasion resistance compared to other monofilament lines. Its unique construction allows it to be thinner than most monofilament lines, yet still retain its strength and durability. The line also has low memory characteristics, allowing it to hold its shape better when cast or reeled in.

The innovative design of the PowerPro Fishing Line makes it extremely versatile as it can be used for a variety of fresh and saltwater applications. It is perfect for trolling, fly-fishing, jigging and baitcasting techniques. Anglers have come to rely on its superior knot strength and ability to cast farther than monofilament lines of similar diameter.

Power Pro USA takes great pride in the quality of their products and only uses the finest materials available to manufacture the PowerPro Fishing Line in their facilities located in the United States. The company’s commitment to excellence has earned them many awards over the years for their outstanding performance products.

Conclusion:PowerPro Fishing Line is made with superior quality materials in facilities located in the United States by Power Pro USA, Inc., allowing them to offer anglers a reliable and durable fishing line that can withstand tough conditions on both fresh and saltwater applications.

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