Where Is Crappie Fishing in Grenada Lake?

Grenada Lake is one of the top destinations for crappie fishing in the state of Mississippi. With its abundance of deep, crystal-clear waters, anglers are sure to find some great catches here. The lake is known for its excellent habitat and population of crappies, with an average size of around 10-13 inches.

Grenada Lake offers a variety of different fishing spots, from deepwater ledges to shallow flats. In the shallow flats, anglers can find plenty of cover for their lines and a chance to catch some panfish.

In the deeper waters, anglers can Target large schools of crappies with jigs or minnows. There are also plenty of opportunities for trolling along the shoreline or in open water areas.

The best time to fish for crappies at Grenada Lake is during the months from April through July. During this time, temperatures are mild and water levels are high enough that anglers can reach deeper areas without having to worry about their lines getting tangled up in underwater brush or debris. Crappie fishing during this time can be quite productive as there will be plenty of baitfish around for them to feed on.

In addition to baitfish, another great way to Target crappies at Grenada Lake is by using artificial lures such as jigs and crankbaits. These lures can be fished near structure such as sunken logs or rocks to attract the attention of hungry crappies in the area. Anglers should also keep an eye out for submerged weed beds and stumps as these areas often hold large concentrations of crappies that are eager to strike at a lure or baitfish.

No matter how experienced an angler may be, all fishermen should practice catch-and-release when fishing at Grenada Lake in order to help preserve its fish population for future generations. Crappie fishing can provide an exciting experience for both novice and experienced anglers alike so don’t miss out on your chance to explore one of Mississippi’s most popular fishing destinations!


Where Is Crappie Fishing in Grenada Lake? Anglers looking for some quality crappie fishing should definitely head out on Grenada Lake where they will find plenty of deepwater ledges, shallow flats, submerged weed beds and stumps that all offer excellent opportunities to catch some big crappies! With its abundance of crystal-clear waters and diverse habitats, it’s no wonder why Grenada Lake is one of Mississippi’s premier destinations for catching quality panfish!

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