Where Do You Put the Weights and Bobbers on a Fishing Line?

Fishing is an enjoyable pastime that can yield a number of rewards. Whether you’re fishing to catch dinner or just having fun, knowing how to properly set up your equipment can make a big difference in the outcome.

One important aspect of setting up your gear is knowing where to attach weights and bobbers on a fishing line.

Weights, also known as sinkers, are typically used for bottom fishing or deep-water trolling. Weights can be added anywhere along the line, but the most common place to attach them is near the end of the line closest to the bait.

This will ensure that the bait sinks down into the water column, allowing it to reach the desired depth for fishing. When bottom fishing, you may need several weights in order to get your bait down deep enough. Be sure that each weight is securely attached and won’t slip off.

Bobbers, sometimes referred to as floats, are typically used when fishing in shallow water or when trying to keep your bait suspended in mid-water columns. Bobbers should be attached above your bait and as close as possible without interfering with its motion. If you’re using live bait, adjust the bobber so it will suspend above it but not too high that it pulls away from the strike zone.

When attaching weights and bobbers to your line, use a clinch knot or some other type of secure knot so they don’t slip off during casting or retrieving. It’s also important that you use weights and bobbers that are appropriate for the type of fish you’re Targeting – large bobbers won’t work well for panfish while small sinkers won’t effectively get your bait down deep enough for larger species.


Knowing where to put weights and bobbers on a fishing line is essential for success when out on the water. Weights should be placed at the end of your line closest to your bait when bottom fishing or deep-trolling while bobbers should be placed above your bait when using it in shallow or mid-water columns. Always use secure knots like clinch knots when attaching them and select appropriately sized weights and bobbers based on what type of fish you’re Targeting.

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