Where Do You Get Fly Fishing Spots?

Fly fishing is a popular sport, and it requires special knowledge to be successful. Knowing where to find the best fly fishing spots is essential for those who want to increase their chances of success.

Fly fishing spots can be found in both freshwater and saltwater locations, depending on the type of fish desired. In freshwater locations, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams are all ideal spots for fly fishing. In saltwater locations, bays, estuaries, beaches and lagoons are great for fly fishing.

Local knowledge is often the best way to find great fly fishing spots.

Experienced anglers can provide tips on where to fish for different species of fish in various types of water bodies. Local bait shops may also have information about the best fly fishing spots in the area.

Maps can be used to locate potential fly fishing spots as well. Aerial maps or topographical maps provide a birds-eye view of the area that can help pinpoint specific areas that may hold fish. Printed maps may also have information about local streams and rivers that may not be as easily visible from an aerial map.

Online Resources

The internet provides plenty of resources for finding good fly fishing spots as well. Anglers can join online forums dedicated to the sport where they can ask questions and get advice from experienced anglers who have knowledge about certain areas or species of fish.

Websites such as Fishbrain and Fishidy offer a variety of services such as mapping tools and detailed information about specific types of fish and their habitats that can help identify potential hot spots for fly fishing.


Finding the best fly fishing spots requires research and local knowledge, but there are plenty of resources available online to help anglers locate prime locations quickly and easily. Experienced anglers are also a valuable source for finding great places for successful fly fishing trips.

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