Where Do You Find Koi in Monster Sanctuary?

Where Do You Find Koi in Monster Sanctuary?

In Monster Sanctuary, Koi are rare and valuable aquatic monsters that can be found in specific locations. Acquiring a Koi can greatly enhance your team’s strength and versatility.

This article will guide you through the various places where you can find Koi in Monster Sanctuary.

1. Fishing Spots

The most common way to find Koi is by fishing in designated spots within the game. These spots are usually located near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or ponds.

Look for shimmering patches on the water’s surface to identify these fishing spots easily.

When you spot a fishing spot, approach it and press the action button to start fishing. A mini-game will appear, requiring you to time your button presses correctly to reel in your catch successfully.

Keep an eye out for any sudden movements or vibrations on your controller or screen, as they indicate potential bites from a Koi.

Remember that Koi are relatively rare compared to other fish species you may encounter. It may take multiple attempts before you finally find and catch a Koi.

2. Rare Chests

Another way to obtain Koi is by opening rare chests scattered throughout Monster Sanctuary’s world. These chests are often hidden behind secret paths or require solving puzzles to access them.

Keep an eye out for any suspicious-looking walls or objects that stand out from their surroundings. Interact with them by pressing the action button to reveal hidden paths or unlock hidden chambers containing valuable treasures like Koi.

3. Monster Dens

Koi can also be found in certain monster dens. These dens are home to powerful creatures and often require defeating the resident monster to claim its territory.

Explore different regions of Monster Sanctuary and look for entrances to monster dens. Once you’ve located a den, prepare your team and engage in a challenging battle with the monster residing within.

Defeating it will grant you access to the den’s rewards, which may include a Koi.


Finding Koi in Monster Sanctuary can be an exciting adventure that adds depth to your team’s composition. Whether you prefer fishing, searching for rare chests, or conquering monster dens, there are various ways to obtain these valuable aquatic monsters.

Remember to explore the game world thoroughly, as Koi may be hidden in unexpected places. Keep honing your fishing skills or solving puzzles, and soon enough, you’ll have a reliable Koi companion by your side.

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