Where Do Saga Cruises Sail From?

Saga Cruises is a British company that offers excellent cruise experiences to travelers worldwide. If you’re planning to take a Saga Cruise, you may be curious about where the ships sail from.

Where Do Saga Cruises Sail From?

Saga Cruises has several ports of departure across the world. Here are some of the most popular destinations:

Southampton, UK

Southampton is one of the most popular ports of departure for Saga Cruises. Located on England’s south coast, this port offers easy access to other parts of Europe, including Spain, France, and Portugal. Southampton is known for its bustling port atmosphere and stunning waterfront.

Dover, UK

Dover is another popular port for Saga Cruises in the UK. This historic town boasts many attractions and amenities, including a beautiful castle and several museums highlighting local history. From Dover, you can explore destinations such as Norway or Northern Europe.


Saga Cruises also sails from Malta’s capital city Valletta. This ancient city has been inhabited since prehistoric times and offers many historical sites to explore. From Malta, you can visit destinations such as Italy or Greece.

Sydney, Australia

Saga Cruises also offers departures from Sydney’s harbor in Australia. From here, you can explore Australia’s eastern coastline or head towards New Zealand.

Boston, USA

Boston is one of Saga Cruise’s American ports of departure. This historic city has much to offer visitors, including fantastic seafood cuisine and numerous historical landmarks such as the Freedom Trail.

  • Conclusion:

No matter where you’re departing from with Saga Cruises, there are plenty of exciting destinations awaiting you! Whether your interests lie in exploring historic landmarks or relaxing on beautiful beaches – Saga Cruise’s extensive network will not disappoint. Book your cruise today and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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