Where Do I Get a Fishing Rod in Valheim?

Fishing is an activity that can provide players with some great rewards in Valheim. Fish are a source of food that can be cooked to give the player various boosts, including health and stamina regeneration. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on a fishing rod and start catching fish, where do you go?

The answer is simple: You’ll need to craft it yourself! Crafting a fishing rod requires a few items from the environment, which can be found across the land of Valheim. These items include:

  • Resin. Resin can be harvested from Pine Trees and Birch Trees.
  • Leather Scraps.

    Leather Scraps can be acquired by killing Boars or Deer.

  • Core Wood. Core Wood is obtained by chopping down trees.

Once you have all the necessary materials, head to your workbench and craft your fishing rod. The recipe calls for two Resin, two Leather Scraps and one Core Wood.

Once crafted, the rod will show up in your inventory and you’ll be ready to start fishing!


Fishing rods are not found in Valheim but must instead be crafted using materials from the environment. Players will need two Resin, two Leather Scraps and one Core Wood in order to craft their own fishing rod.

With these materials in hand, head to your workbench and craft away!

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