Where Do I Get a Fishing Rod in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

When it comes to playing Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, one of the items that you’ll need to procure is a fishing rod. The fishing rod can be used to catch fish in order to earn money, as well as some ingredients that you’ll need for cooking recipes.

As such, it’s an essential part of the game that all players should have.

Luckily, acquiring a fishing rod in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is relatively easy. The first place you can check is the local tool shop, which is run by Gannon.

You can find the shop inside the town square and it’s open from 9am until 6pm each day. Gannon will sell you a regular fishing rod for 500G, or an upgraded version for 1000G. The upgraded version has a higher success rate when it comes to catching fish.

Another place you can buy a fishing rod from is at the General Store in Salmiakki Harbor. This store is open between 8am and 7pm each day and they sell both regular and upgraded versions too. However, their prices are slightly higher than Gannon’s so it’s worth checking both stores before making your purchase.

Finally, if you’re looking for something a bit more special then you could always try talking to Vesta. She’s located near the pier in Salmiakki Harbor and she’ll craft special rods if you bring her enough materials. The type of rod she crafts depends on what materials you give her – so make sure you bring plenty!

In conclusion, there are several places where players can get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Players should check out Gannon’s tool shop or the General Store in Salmiakki Harbor for regular or upgraded rods; or talk to Vesta near the pier if they’d like something special.

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