Where Can I Buy a Strong Fishing Pole in WOW Classic?

For players of the nostalgic World of Warcraft Classic, finding a reliable and strong fishing pole is essential. Fishing is a major source of income in-game and having a good pole can make all the difference.

Fortunately, there are several places to buy a reliable fishing rod in WoW Classic.

Vendor Locations

The first place to look for a fishing pole is at any vendor. Most major cities have vendors that sell various types of fishing poles.

These range from basic wooden poles to expensive ones made of steel or mithril. While these can be relatively expensive, they are also likely to be the strongest poles around.

Auction House

Another option for finding a strong fishing pole is to check out the Auction House. Players can often find excellent deals on used or even rare fishing poles here. Again, prices will vary depending on the type and quality of the pole, but it’s worth checking out if one is looking for a bargain.

Fishing Supplies Store

For those who want to invest in their fishing skills, there are Fishing Supplies Stores scattered throughout Azeroth. These stores usually have an array of different types of poles available for purchase, ranging from basic wood to more expensive metals such as steel or mithril.


In conclusion, players looking for a strong fishing pole in WoW Classic have several options available to them: they can buy one from any vendor, check out the Auction House for deals, or visit one of the many Fishing Supplies Stores scattered around Azeroth. With careful shopping and some luck, players should be able to find exactly what they need!

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