Where Can I Buy a Fishing Pole in Pandaria?

Fishing has been a popular activity in Pandaria for centuries, and many locals rely on fishing as their primary source of sustenance. With the introduction of the Mists of Pandaria expansion to World of Warcraft, the need for fishing supplies has increased significantly. Fishing poles are an essential piece of equipment for any successful fisherman, and those who live in Pandaria have a few options when it comes to purchasing their equipment.

The Anglers: The Anglers is a faction in Pandaria that consists of expert fishermen. They have a number of vendors that sell fishing poles and other essential supplies.

These vendors can be found throughout the Jade Forest and are easily recognizable by their distinctive green clothing. The Anglers also offer daily quests that offer rewards such as rare fish and valuable items.

The Grummle Bazaar: The Grummle Bazaar is located in the Valley of the Four Winds and is run by the Grummles, a race of pandaren merchants. They specialize in selling all sorts of goods, including fishing poles. The prices are quite reasonable, although it is important to check back often as stock can change quickly.

The Shado-Pan Monastery: The Shado-Pan Monastery is home to a faction of pandaren warriors who specialize in martial arts and combat. While they don’t sell fishing poles outright, they do offer rewards for completing daily quests that can include fishing poles or other valuable items.


When looking to buy a fishing pole in Pandaria, players have several options available to them. They can purchase one from one of The Anglers’ vendors located throughout the Jade Forest, purchase one from the Grummle Bazaar in Valley of the Four Winds, or complete daily quests at the Shado-Pan Monastery to receive rewards that may include fishing poles or other valuable items.

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