Where Are Trout Found in Arizona?

Trout fishing in Arizona is a popular pastime for both locals and tourists alike. With its diverse range of landscapes, the state offers numerous opportunities to catch these prized fish. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at fishing, knowing where to find trout in Arizona can significantly increase your chances of success.

Types of Trout in Arizona:
Before we dive into the specific locations, let’s take a moment to explore the different types of trout found in Arizona. The state is home to three main species: rainbow trout, brown trout, and Apache trout.

Rainbow Trout: Rainbow trout are the most common species found in Arizona. Known for their vibrant colors and acrobatic behavior when hooked, they provide an exciting challenge for anglers.

Brown Trout: Brown trout can be found in select rivers and streams throughout the state. They are known for their elusive nature and can grow to impressive sizes.

Apache Trout: Native to the White Mountains region of Arizona, Apache trout are a prized species among anglers. They are classified as a threatened species and require special regulations for fishing.


Now that we have an understanding of the different types of trout in Arizona let’s explore some popular locations where you can find them:

1. Oak Creek Canyon

Located near Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon is renowned for its picturesque beauty and excellent fishing opportunities.

This scenic location offers ample access to rainbow and brown trout. The creek is regularly stocked with catchable-sized fish, making it an ideal spot for beginners.

2. Lees Ferry

Situated below Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, Lees Ferry provides anglers with world-class trout fishing year-round.

This stretch of river is primarily known for its large rainbow trout. The clear waters and breathtaking canyon views add to the allure of this location.

3. White Mountains

The White Mountains region of Arizona is a haven for trout fishing enthusiasts.

With its numerous lakes, rivers, and streams, this area offers a variety of fishing options. Popular spots include Big Lake, Crescent Lake, and the Little Colorado River.

4. Greer Lakes

Nestled in the eastern part of Arizona, Greer Lakes consist of three reservoirs: Bunch Reservoir, Tunnel Reservoir, and River Reservoir. These lakes are regularly stocked with rainbow and brown trout, providing anglers with ample opportunities to reel in some impressive catches.

Tips for Trout Fishing:

To increase your chances of success when fishing for trout in Arizona, consider these tips:

– Use light tackle and equipment suitable for trout fishing. – Pay attention to the fishing regulations in each specific location.

– Experiment with different bait and lure options to find what works best. – Practice catch-and-release to preserve the trout population. – Be mindful of the environment and clean up after yourself.

  • Conclusion:
  • Trout fishing in Arizona offers a unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and angling excitement. Whether you prefer fly fishing in pristine mountain streams or casting a line in tranquil lakes, there are plenty of options available throughout the state.

    Remember to respect nature and follow all regulations while enjoying your fishing experience. So grab your gear, explore these fantastic locations, and get ready for an unforgettable trout fishing adventure in Arizona!

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