When Should I Start Walleye Fishing in Lake Erie?

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then Lake Erie should be on your radar. It is the eleventh largest lake in the world and is home to many species of gamefish. From a walleye fishing standpoint, Lake Erie is one of the best places to cast your line.

Walleye fishing in Lake Erie can be broken down into two distinct seasons: early season and late season. Early season walleye fishing typically takes place from ice-out through mid-May.

During this time, walleyes will move into shallow water to spawn and feed on baitfish. While it is possible to catch walleyes in deeper water during this period, anglers will have more success if they focus on shallower areas with plenty of cover for the fish to hide in.

Late season walleye fishing usually runs from mid-May through October. This is when the fish start moving out of shallow water and back into deeper water where they spend most of their time.

During this period, anglers should focus on trolling or casting lures near rock piles, weed beds and other structure that holds baitfish. Trolling is especially effective as it allows an angler to cover more ground and locate active fish quickly.

No matter which season you choose to Target walleye in Lake Erie, there are some important considerations that you should keep in mind before heading out on the water. First off, always check with local authorities regarding any regulations or restrictions that may be in place at the time you plan to go fishing. Additionally, make sure you have all of the necessary safety equipment onboard your boat such as life jackets and a working radio or cell phone so that you can contact help if needed while out on the lake.


When it comes down to it, there really isnโ€™t an exact right or wrong time for when you should start walleye fishing in Lake Erie โ€“ as long as youโ€™re familiar with the local regulations and have taken all necessary safety precautions beforehand, then feel free to hit the water whenever your heart desires!

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