What’s the Best Way to Put New Line on a Fishing Reel?

Putting new line on a fishing reel is a simple process, but one that should not be rushed. It is important to take the time to do it correctly, as any mistakes can lead to poor casting performance or even serious injury. Here are some tips to help you put new line on your reel correctly and safely.

Clean Your Reel:

Before putting new line on your reel, it is important to make sure you clean off any dirt or debris that may have built up over time. Even a small amount of dirt or debris can cause your line to snag and break while casting.

Set Your Drag:

Once your reel is clean, it is important to set your drag properly. Setting the drag too tight can cause the line to break when a large fish takes off with the bait, while setting it too loose can cause the line to slip out of the spool when you are trying to cast. Find out what the manufacturer recommends for your particular reel and adjust accordingly.

Attach Your Line:

Next, attach your new line onto the spool of your reel. Start by tying one end of the line onto the spool and then wrap it around in a clockwise direction until it is evenly distributed. Make sure there are no knots or tangles in your line that could affect its performance.

Tighten The Line:

Once you have attached your line, you will need to tighten it up so that it does not slip off during use. To do this, use pliers or another type of tool and pull back on both sides of the loop at least three times before tying off an overhand knot.

Test It Out:

Once you have completed all these steps, test out your new set-up by casting a few times. Pay close attention to how smoothly the line runs off of the spool and make sure there are no kinks or tangles in the line that could affect its performance.


Putting new line on a fishing reel requires patience and precision but with these tips in mind you should be able to get perfect results every time! Take care when cleaning off dirt or debris from your reel before adding new line and be sure to adjust your drag accordingly.

Be sure to test out your set-up after tightening up the new line before heading out for fishing!

What’s The Best Way To Put New Line On A Fishing Reel?

The best way to put new fishing reel on a fishing reel is by taking time and care when attaching, tightening, and testing out the set-up. Make sure you clean off any dirt or debris before attaching the new line and adjust drag settings accordingly. Finally, test out your set-up before heading out for fishing!

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