What’s the Best Fishing Pole in Animal Crossing?

When it comes to fishing in Animal Crossing, having the best fishing pole is essential. Not only does it make the fishing experience easier and more enjoyable, but it also increases your chances of catching rare fish. There are a variety of different fishing poles available in Animal Crossing, each with its own unique features and advantages.

One of the best fishing poles in Animal Crossing is the Golden Fishing Rod. This rod is very powerful and allows you to catch fish much faster than other rods.

It can also be used to catch rare fish that you wouldn’t be able to catch with other rods. The downside is that it’s very expensive, costing 8,000 bells. However, if you’re willing to invest in a good rod, this one will pay off in the long run.

Another great option for a fishing pole is the Fishing Rod Plus. This rod has all of the same capabilities as the Golden Fishing Rod but at half the cost.

It’s slightly less powerful than its more expensive counterpart, but still packs quite a punch when it comes to catching fish. It also has an extended durability which makes it great for long trips out on the water.

The last rod worth mentioning is the Fishing Net Plus. This net doesn’t have as much power as a rod, but is great for catching smaller fish or for scooping up items from the ocean floor such as shells and sea creatures. It can be used multiple times without degrading in quality so it’s perfect for those who want to save their bells while still catching plenty of fish.


When it comes to choosing the best fishing pole in Animal Crossing, there are several options available depending on your budget and preferences. If you’re looking for power and precision then look no further than the Golden Fishing Rod or Fishing Rod Plus; however if you’re looking for something cheaper and more versatile then go with the Fishing Net Plus instead.

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