Whats the Best Fishing Line for Catfish?

Catfish are one of the most popular game fish in the world. They can be found in fresh and saltwater and are known for their large size, hearty appetite, and distinctive whiskers. As a result, they can put up quite a fight when hooked, so it’s important to choose the right fishing line for your catfishing expeditions.

When selecting a fishing line for catfish, you should look for one that is strong enough to handle their size and weight.

Monofilament line is a popular choice among anglers because it is durable, flexible, and relatively inexpensive. It also has good knot strength, which is important when fighting a big catfish. However, monofilament lines tend to stretch more than other types of lines, which can lead to break-offs during the fight.

Braided lines are another option for catfishing and they offer several advantages over monofilament lines. Braid is much stronger than mono and has very little stretch, making it ideal for fighting big cats.

It also has excellent sensitivity and casting distance compared to other types of lines. The downside of braid is that it tends to be more expensive than mono and can be more difficult to tie knots with.

Fluorocarbon line is another option that many anglers use when fishing for catfish. It has excellent abrasion resistance and low visibility in the water, making it ideal for situations where stealth is needed (e.g., clear water). Fluorocarbon also has good knot strength and minimal stretch compared to monofilament line.


When choosing a fishing line for catfish, there are several factors to consider such as strength, flexibility, cost, knot strength, abrasion resistance, visibility in the water etc. Monofilament lines are popular because they’re durable and relatively inexpensive but tend to have more stretch than other types of lines which can lead to break-offs during fights with large cats.

Braided lines offer excellent abrasion resistance and minimal stretch but are generally more expensive than monofilament lines. Fluorocarbon line offers good abrasion resistance coupled with low visibility in the water making it ideal for stealthy applications.

Overall, fluorocarbon seems like the best choice due its combination of strength, low visibility in the water, abrasion resistance and minimal stretch which will help you land those trophy-sized cats!

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