What’s the Best CoD WW2 Zombie Map?

What’s the Best CoD WW2 Zombie Map?

Call of Duty: World War II introduced a thrilling new mode called Nazi Zombies. This cooperative game mode pits players against hordes of undead soldiers in different maps.

With several maps to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which is the best one. In this article, we will explore some of the standout maps and help you decide which one deserves the title of the best CoD WW2 Zombie map.

The Final Reich

The Final Reich is the default map that players encounter when they first dive into Nazi Zombies. Set in a small German village, this map takes you on a journey through dark streets and eerie buildings. The atmosphere is truly haunting, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy a spooky experience.

Key Features:

  • Mystery Box: The Final Reich features a Mystery Box that randomly dispenses powerful weapons to aid you in your fight against the undead.
  • Bunker: Discovering and unlocking secret bunkers adds an extra layer of mystery and excitement to this map.
  • Easter Eggs: Like many other zombie maps, The Final Reich hides various Easter Eggs for players to uncover.

The Darkest Shore

If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, The Darkest Shore is an excellent choice. This map takes place on a foggy island infested with zombies and offers intense gameplay that will put your skills to the test.

Key Features:

  • Zipline: Use the zipline to quickly navigate between different parts of the island while trying to survive.
  • New Enemies: The Darkest Shore introduces new types of zombies that will keep you on your toes and force you to adapt your strategies.
  • Environmental Hazards: Watch out for traps and environmental hazards that can spell instant death if you’re not careful.

The Shadowed Throne

The Shadowed Throne takes players to the heart of Berlin during World War II. This map offers a more linear experience, where players progress through different areas of the city as they fight off the undead.

Key Features:

  • New Weapons: The Shadowed Throne introduces new weapons for players to use against the zombie horde, including the powerful Wunderbuss.
  • Set Pieces: This map features impressive set pieces that add to the overall immersion and make every playthrough feel cinematic.
  • Boss Fights: Prepare yourself for challenging boss fights that require coordination and teamwork to overcome.

In Conclusion

All three maps offer unique experiences, each with their own strengths and challenges. Ultimately, the best CoD WW2 Zombie map comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy a spooky atmosphere, The Final Reich is an excellent choice.

For a more intense and challenging gameplay, The Darkest Shore is sure to satisfy. And if you prefer a linear progression through iconic locations, The Shadowed Throne will be right up your alley. So grab some friends, gear up, and get ready to face off against the undead in your favorite CoD WW2 Zombie map!

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